ESP – Do You Believe?

A proposed study by Duke’s Rhine Research Center focuses on the effect of positive feedback on participants being tested for extra-sensory perception, or ESP. Since many who believe they may possess this ability suffer from self-doubt, the study provides subjects immediate, subliminal, auditory feedback when they make a correct selection.

So, can we learn ESP? Using the concept of Pavlov, can transmission of thoughts be taught?

Why not? I believe that, like a radio, every one of us has a certain ability to send and receive signals. Brain impulses are electrical charges, after all. Why can’t these charges radiate from our heads and be picked up by those who have more sensitive receiving capabilities?

In my youth, my younger brother became fascinated with HAM radios. Even though his equipment was dime-store quality, and his antennae feeble at best, he was amazed that at certain times of the day he could pick up transmissions from as far away as Australia – and we lived in New York. Why? Because of the phenomena whereby radio waves bounce off the ionosphere and return to Earth, repeatedly, in wave-like patterns. Why then is it so unbelievable that a thought “wave” generated by someone who lives far away couldn’t undergo this same effect?

Psychics and those who communicate with others telepathically may not have so much a unique power as one that has been critically developed. A skill, not a gift. Belief plays a strong role in our ability to do anything. I believe the same goes for psychic ability.

But what about those who communicate with the dead? Same logical premise. “Life,” as we know it, is energy. When our bodies die, that energy must go somewhere. What’s Newton’s law? “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transferred from one form to another.” A living person’s energy may well remain here on Earth, for a time, or for eternity. No one knows that answer for sure. But why is it so difficult to believe a soul’s energy can communicate with those who are open to receiving those messages?

Have you ever experienced a psychic phenomena? I’d love to hear about it in comments. I’ll select a random participant to receive a free digital copy of my latest release, Spirits of the Heart.


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