Abandoned Asylums

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Today I’m going to intrigue you into my latest release, Spirits of the Heart, a story set in an abandoned mental asylum. Talk about restless, unhappy spirits . . .

From Spirits of the Heart, a Haunted Voices novel:

When the child looked up, Miller gasped. Behind her, against the fence, a bright red McDonald’s French fry box clung to the base of the chain link. Directly behind her, yet he could see it clearly. That’s when he realized he could see .  . .right . . .through her.

Shock seized in his chest, causing his breath to hitch. He staggered to his feet and took a shaky step backward.

I must be imagining this.

When the child spoke again, her voice echoed, as though from within tiled walls.


An addiction counselor & a security guard struggle to free two, lost spirits trapped inside an abandoned mental asylum.

Spirits_of_the_Heart - ebook cover

Laura Horton returns from college to move in with an old friend & start her career. But her homecoming is jarring. Her friend’s moved out, leaving Laura alone with the gorgeous but intimidating ex-boyfriend—in a house that snugs up to an ancient graveyard.

Officer Miller Stanford is a man with a shattered past. His alcoholic dad destroyed their family, a weakness Miller is terrified will consume him too. The last thing he needs is a sexy, blonde addiction counselor watching his every move. When he begins to see specters in the dark, he starts questioning his own stability.

But Laura sees her too—a pathetic child-spirit searching for her father. Can they unravel the mysteries of Talcott Hall without jeopardizing their love—and lives—in the process?

Book Trailer


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