“Freaky Synchronicity…”


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for fall. Ready for sweaters and stocking caps; crisp, sunny days; frosty nights. Ready to drag out the corn stalks and scarecrows. Ready to start gearing up for Halloween!

First, however, it seems we’re going to have to get through a rather strange period of astrological discordance.

This is what the Astrology King has to say about tomorrow’s impending full moon, scheduled to reach its peak at 3:03 a.m. EST. This year, due to the event occurring further away from the equinox, September 6th’s full moon will be called the Corn Moon. The Harvest Moon will occur on October 5th at 2:40 p.m. EST.


So what’s all this about “freaky synchronicity“? Apparently, several factors align, giving this full moon more power over us mortal beings than usual. The event coincides with certain arrangements of other planets, namely Mercury and Neptune. According to astrologers, the alignment of the planets (particulary Sun opposite Moon) has increased effect on the polarities in your life: work vs. personal, needs vs. wants, and physical well-being.

This conflict raises tensions that could affect your interpersonal relationships or decision making. We are warned that our intuitions may have higher sensitivity, but their messages might be misinterpreted or skewed.

And the scary part is this: the effects of a full moon last two weeks!

So, two weeks of faulty intuition, high tension, and—as a bonus—increased susceptibility to illness. Here in New England, the weather this week won’t exactly stir longings of fall activities. After some quite chilly nights (it was 41 degrees F at my house the other morning!), we’re expecting temps to hover in the 70s most all this week. And just when I was beginning to pack away all my summer wear and drag out the sweaters . . .


Talk about confusing our lives: it gets even freakier. Some sources claim that even though the fall equinox (the official start of fall) isn’t until September 22nd this year, “unofficial” sources claim that tomorrow, Sept. 6th, is the first day of autumn.  This surely adds some additional imbalance to my life! Do I put out the fall decorations and go apple picking? Start brewing spiced cider and baking pumpkin pies? (If it’s 90 degrees in my kitchen, I can tell you the baking part isn’t going to happen.)

So I’m here to warn you: be prepared for some chaos in your life for the next week or so. If the full Corn moon has anything to say about it, you can count on some unusual forces screwing around with your brain. My advice is to put your head down, consider carefully any “gut” decisions before you take action, and try not to strangle your significant other in their sleep.

As for me, I’m usually awake at 3 a.m. anyway. Maybe I’ll just plan to brew a cup of something tasty and go outside to howl at the full Corn moon.


Claire Gem is an award-winning author of contemporary romance & supernatural suspense. You can find out more about her and work at her Website or her Amazon Author page.

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