Sucked Through the Veil

After the release of my last Haunted Voices novel in April, I took a few weeks off from writing. Yeah, I’ve blogged. I’ve doodled around with a couple of short stories I had brewing. But starting another book? It just wasn’t happening for me. Not yet.

Then, there is the conundrum: what do I write next? Do I pick up where I left off on one of several other Haunted Voices novels I’d begun over the last several years? Pigments? Electricity? Sirens of Salt? Time is a Ribbon? All of these have at least 10,000 words invested–in each of them–already.

Still, I just wasn’t feeling it.

Until last week, when I listened to the last installment of my upcoming audiobook.

A Taming Season, which was the first of the Love at Lake George novels, came out in 2016. I’ve just now gotten lucky enough to locate a narrator who could personify my tender-hearted but strong-willed heroine, AND bring to life a very important secondary character, Jade.ATS.Postcard

Jade is from Jamaica, born and raised. Has a serious Jamaican accent. Not all narrators can switch from my heroine’s mild New York accent into full-blown Jamaican. But Sharon Cline can.

And I was blessed she decided A Taming Season was a title she wanted to narrate. The recording is finished. It’s now in the hands of ACX who is doing the final quality evaluation. Very soon, A Taming Season: A Love at Lake George novel, will be coming to life in sound, on Audible.

I’m sorry to tell you, dear lovers of the supernatural, that this title is not a ghost story–unless it’s internal, emotional ghosts you’re talking about. It’s straight, contemporary romance. Spicy. Intensely emotional. But it delivers the same kind of heart-twisting journey as any of the Haunted Voices novels.

What better time than now to go back to the “proposed” second book in the Love at Lake George series, Anchor My Heart? So that’s what I did.

I had a page–ONE PAGE–written. The opening. I had rough character sketches of the hero and heroine. I had located “pictures” of them (my hero is a young Eric Close. Yum.) And I had a rough idea of the storyline.

This morning, I spent two hours fleshing out the rest of the characters. Characters, I learned from Matt Bird in his wonderful book, The Secrets of Story, make the story–not the other way around. So I made a list. Heroine: her mother, her father, her friends. Hero: his mother, his father, his multiple siblings, his friends. And suddenly, something wonderful happened.

I opened up that ONE PAGE I’d written on Anchor My Heart, and I was pulled through the veil. Sucked into the world these characters live and breathe in. Suddenly, I was in Lake George, sitting at Murphy’s Bar & Grill, watching Collette Delgado and Todd Gallagher reunite for the first time since high school. Now, she’s an attorney. He’s inherited his uncle’s very successful marina on the lake.

I couldn’t type fast enough.

I think the dry spell is over. I think my characters have sucked me into their world, and won’t let me go until their story is told.



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