You’re Reading . . . What???

As most of you might know, I am a high consumer of the written word. I zoom through eBooks on high-speed click. There’s always a paper- or hard-back on my writing desk and nightstand. I’ve worn out two pairs of earbuds this year alone listening to audiobooks–and I have Bluetooth in my car!


Mostly, they’re mystery, thriller, suspense–the genre I write in. I prefer when there’s a supernatural plot line, and a strong romance element as well. I like stories that grab me by all of my senses, and my heart as well. Lately, though, the science side of my brain has been doing a little exploration into the field of . . . brace yourself: Quantum Physics.

Yikes, you say! That’s pretty heavy reading for someone who’s hooked on fiction. And yes, indeedy it is. But after my third nonfiction book written by experts in this very scientifically grounded field, I’ve come to an astounding revelation. Seems there is quite a bit of experimentation going on in the field of Quantum Physics, yielding results that support the supernatural. Yes, that’s right, phenomenon such as ghosts, poltergeists, psychics, time travel, and even visits from extraterrestrial beings have a basis in science in what author Marie D. Jones identifies as the “Zero Point Field.”

I won’t even try to convince you that I understood all of the mind-blowing concepts (especially the math!) in Jones’ book, PScience. What I will say is that over the course of the eight hours of listening to this audiobook, I came to believe in ghosts and psychics even more than I did before. It all comes down to energy. We are all made of the stuff, and it seems that we have more control over the unseen energy fields that shape our lives than we know.

I’ve always held that believers in the supernatural were not only more open-minded people than non-believers, but they were more “sensitive” to the invisible energy fields around us. Like a high-tech radio tower is more sensitive, more receptive to the waves that enable communication than an old transistor radio, some people are simply better receivers. Some have figured out how to “send” thoughts out into the “ether.”

Apparently, albeit reluctantly, the world of science is slowly coming to believe that this just might be true.


Other books, such as Mind to Matter by Dawson Church, and The Creation Frequency by Mike Murphy and Jack Canfield provide further scientific references. New studies reveal we have even more control over our immensely energy-dense brains than ever conceived. My next planned read, The Nine Waves of Creation by Carl Johan Calleman, presents a “. . . quantum-holographic perspective on world history and human consciousness . . .” Some heavy stuff, right? I’ll get back to you on that one when I’ve finished listening to the audiobook.

Have I gotten a little too “New Age” for you here? A little woo-woo? Well, I believe in the supernatural, don’t I? I write stories about ghosts and psychics. And remember, I’m also, by day, a research scientist. I’m bound and determined to find the link between the two.

The more “real” ghosts, hauntings, and psychic abilities become in my fractured mind, the more real I can make them in my fiction. And that, dear readers, is my ultimate goal: to make believers out of you non-believers. To snag more fans of series like Outlander and the X-Files. To write better supernatural suspense.


Claire Gem is an award-winning author of romance and supernatural suspense. She loves exploring the paranormal and holds a certificate in Parapsychology from Duke University’s Rhine Research Center. Check out her Website, Amazon Author Page, and join her Author-Reader Group to be the first to know about news and new releases.


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