A Sneak Peek at ELECTRICITY – #MFRWHooks

My new release, Electricity, is the latest installment in my Haunted Voices novels. This one was especially exciting to write, since I work where it is set: the location used to house a State Mental Asylum. There’s still one building that’s never been renovated, and it is a spooky place indeed.



Here’s a sneak peek inside ELECTRICITY: A Haunted Voices novel:

Mercy crept down the steps, shivering as the chill of underground air crawled over her. Just as she reached the bottom step, something tickled her cheek and she swatted frantically before realizing it was just a fragment of spider web waving from the rafter. The sound of Daniel’s snort behind her made her bristle. She shot him a contemptuous glare.

The passageway was low ceilinged, forcing Daniel to stoop, and so narrow a man could almost span the width with outstretched arms. Rough fieldstone walls, joined by random patches of mortar, rose from a cracked concrete floor. The hall disappeared off at right angles to the steps in both directions. Conner strode boldly down one way, then the other, pulling the tattered, hanging cords to bring yellowed bulbs to life, one at a time. Some were dead, but those that still fired bathed the space in an eerie, amber light.

Mercy studied the bench lining the outside wall. Heavy planks formed a shelf about two feet above the ground. Every ten feet or so, a pair of round iron rings hung from the wall, mortared between the fieldstones.

“I’ve read about places like this,” Daniel mumbled. “This was their holding area.”

“What do you mean? Like in a prison?” Even to her own ears, Mercy’s voice sounded squeaky and unsteady.

Daniel tipped his head, pulling his fingers through his short, tawny beard. His gaze glanced off hers. “Guess you could call it that. Back then they didn’t ever know what they were getting into when a new patient came in.”

You can watch the book trailer HERE, and buy on amazon HERE.

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