The Perfect Love Story…with Ghosts


Those of you who know me at all know I am a huge fan of Nora Roberts (duh, I’d have to be dead not to be), but my absolute favorite series of hers is the Boonesboro Trilogy. When I say favorite, I mean, OBSESSIVE. Favorite. Love of all time.

I’ve listened to all three audiobooks at least twice. I have all three print books in hardcover, stacked on my nightstand (my good vibe writing mojo). I’ll admit, I’ve listened to books 1 & 2 the most, straying by the time I get to book 3.

This week was book 3’s turn. The Perfect Hope. It really is my favorite because not only does the haunting of “Lizzy,” the resident ghost at Inn Boonesboro, play a bigger part than in the other books, but it’s because I fell in love with Ryder right off the bat. I’ll summarize quickly for those not familiar…

Justine Montgomery is a widow with three sons: Beckett, Owen, and Ryder. They live in Boonesboro, Maryland, and Justine has made it her mission to renovate the crumbling downtown district. It all starts with Inn Boonesboro, which dates to the Civil War era. Her sons are expert craftsman at carpentry et al. It doesn’t take long for the brothers to figure out they aren’t alone working in the old Inn. It’s haunted.

Lizzy–a name Ryder gives her–is mischievous and always signals her presence with the smell of honeysuckle. In the first book, Beckett falls for Claire, the local bookstore owner. In the second, Avery, who runs the pizzeria across the street, falls for Owen. In the third, Ryder, who is an ill-tempered, short-wired smartass, falls for the new innkeeper, Hope Belmont.

This is probably only my second go-round with Ryder and Hope, but the story–from all three books–comes together in this book with a heart-melting romantic roller-coaster that for me, is unsurpassed.

If I ever grow up to be a real romance author, I’ll be able to write a story like the Boonesboro series. The characters are so real I miss them. The conflicts so believable my blood pressure spikes. The history comes to life in a way that is unforgettable.

Like I said, the stack of three hardcovers lives on my nightstand. I’m hoping I can channel Nora organically, in my sleep. From my lips to the patron saint of writers…please.


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