Gathering Eerie Bits


As many of you know, a badly broken right arm has waylaid my intention to complete and release the next Haunted Voices novel, TimePeace, at the end of September. Voice to text is not an option, since I use all Mac computers. DragonSpeak, the best dictation software program for authors, doesn’t play well with Mac. The built-in voice to text on my Mac is great for emails and blog posts (like this one!), but for writing fiction? Not so much.

So rather than allowing fuzzy green stuff to grow on my brain while I heal, I decided to go poking around in my writing archives (love you, Carbonite!). I opened a folder called Short Stories and was pleased to find a number of flash fiction pieces I’d written over the years. Of course, with me being a fan of all things eerie and believing in ghosts, many of these were . . . well . . . eerie.

I then discovered a wonderful category on Amazon for very short reads (under 22 pages). What a great idea, I thought. If you have only a half-hour or so to devote to reading, how nice to know there are actually “books” you can finish in less than 30 minutes.

So, the Eerie Bits series was born. In this first, Book 1, I have compiled four of my eeriest short pieces for your reading pleasure. This collection is called Enigmata, and I’m considering this image for its cover. I’d love to know what you think. Creepy enough?


Coming soon to Amazon, Enigmata will be free for KU subscribers!

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